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JoAnne always went the extra mile by helping me overcome problems in my business classes. She would discuss articles, possible classes, workshops, and any other event she thought might assist me. JoAnne encouraged me not to limit myself to Accounting, but to consider a minor in Management, and I am glad I did. The skills I learned in my management classes, and those I learned from JoAnne, are essential to my current employment. I am now preparing to enter an MBA program.

L. Harris, Los Angeles, CA

I knew JoAnne had the desired experience and was a great resource to tap into when I decided to launch my business. JoAnne provided excellent coaching, helped in creating my blog, and supplied me with step-by-step instruction on applying for a business license. JoAnne's ability to be progressive and stay on the leading edge of business trends can be a plus for anyone looking for assistance in launching a new career, a business, or branding.

E B Trevor, Los Angeles, CA

VPA Coaching helped me set up my financial recordkeeping. The quality of service I received was outstanding.

J. Hauser, San Diego, CA

JoAnne wrote my business plan and advised me in starting and maintaining my business. Without her help, I would still be trying to figure out QuickBooks! She was an important resource, and I highly recommend her.

J. Melender, JM Medical Billing, Los Angeles, CA